Choux is an Event Food Vendor.
We create Savoury food - live!

We are a team of passionate foodies who enjoy creating lively and flavourful events.

We believe that events are most memorable when people experience the event with all their senses.

We know that your event is the product of your hard work, so we make it our mission to make our guests feel absolutely welcomed and to put a smile on their faces!

We serve large scale community events, private parties, and more!

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What's Cooking?

Whether you are a ...

Event Company

F&B, logistics or entertainment vendor

Investor, chef or
Foodie Entrepreneur

We were booked by many private event companies to complement their events with churros and good fun. We would love to take on your events, and make them even more fun and memorable!

We've worked closely with our fellow vendors in foodfairs and parties. Putting our resources together, we can save cost and provide our clients the awesome value!

Choux is looking to expand our line of food products by working with talented individuals. Have you always wanted to bring your recipe to market? Find out how we can work together!

We want to hear from you!